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Think Global, Build Social!
Architectures for a Better World

Location: Architekturzentrum Wien - Old hall
Exhibition: 15 March 2014 - 01 July 2014
Opening Hours: daily 10am-7pm
Opening: Friday 14 March 2014, 7pm
Tickets: EUR 7,00 / EUR 4,50 reduced / free admission for medium partners + Sat. 28 2014 from 3pm (closing event)

The event to mark the closing of the exhibition and the workshops takes place on Saturday, 28.06.2014 from 3pm in the Az W yard. BBQ by association MOJO Fullscale Studio NPO
past 3pm: free admisison to the exhibition!

“The most relevant architecture exhibition of the year, don’t miss it!” the gap, March 2014

With the jointly conceived exhibition “Think Global, Build Social! Architectures for a Better World” the Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM) direct their attention to the question of contemporary architecture’s social responsibility.

“Think Global. Build Social!” shows current examples of an alternative, socially committed architecture which, with minimum financial expenditure but a great deal of initiative and creativity, attempts to improve the living conditions of people in less privileged areas of the world. Frequently the 22 exemplary projects, curated by Andres Lepik, which include schools, public spaces and housing, are created through close collaboration with the future users and incorporate local building traditions. They do not deny the needs of those for whom and with whom the buildings are erected and ensure a mutual transfer of knowledge.
The many aspects shared in common that can be identified in the different approaches and projects indicate that, far beyond “star architecture”, a very different kind of movement has emerged in contemporary architecture that is directing its attention to the social questions of global community.

The exhibition “Think Global. Build Social” in the Architekturzentrum Wien is enriched by the presentation of projects involving Austrian participation. Through Peter Fattinger the TU Vienna is a pioneer in the area of university design-build studios, while Baerbel Mueller heads a laboratory at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in which the spatial, infrastructural, ecological and cultural phenomena of sub-Saharan Africa are examined. With its project studio BASEhabitat the Kunstuniversität Linz focuses on the utilization of alternative energies in regions with limited access to a public infrastructure. The architecture firm of gaupenraub +/- is developing a series of remarkable projects for homeless people in Vienna, and in the course of the last ten years the association s2arch, founded by Green Party politician Christoph Chorherr, has carried out more than 40 social projects in South Africa.

Dietmar Steiner, Director Az W
Peter Schmal, Director DAM
Andres Lepik, Curator of the Exhibition
Sonja Pisarik, Curator of the Austrian Focus
Christoph Chorherr, Federal State Council of Vienna, Founder and Chairman of s2arch

Curator of the Exhibition: Andres Lepik
Curator of the Austrian Focus and Project Head Az W: Sonja Pisarik
Project Management DAM: Peter Körner, Philipp Sturm
Exhibition Design: Sanaz Hazegh-Nejad and Thomas Kussin, buero8 (Austrian Focus)
Exhibition Construction Az W: Philipp Aschenberger and team
Organisation of the Symposium: Karoline Mayer

Public Funding:
Geschäftsgruppe - Stadtentwicklung, Verkehr, Klimaschutz, Energieplanung und BürgerInnenbeteiligung
The Arts Division and the Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria
Geschäftsgruppe Kultur und Wissenschaft

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© a_kep, Katharina Doblinger (BASEhabitat) 

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Think Global, Build Social!

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Think Global, Build Social!

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