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Guided Tour

Combined Tour: “Assemble. How We Build”/ Az W and “How To Live Together”/ Kunsthalle Wien

A tour of the exhibition “Assemble. How We Build” in the Az W and “Building together. Living together” in the Kunsthalle Wien

Thu 13.07.2017, 18:00-20:00
Scaffold with people

Yardhouse, 2014, Assemble
© Assemble

A tour of the exhibition “Assemble. How We Build” in the Az W marks the start of the combination tour.

The projects by this London-based architecture collective, winner of the coveted Turner Prize in 2015, connect social action, poetic spaces, ecological and economic sustainability in a unique way. Their projects are prototypes for how society could build differently through communal activity. The exhibition “How To Live Together” in the Kunsthalle Wien also deals with new forms of living together. It looks at the fragile individual and social circumstances that shape how we live alongside each other. The focus is not only on recent changes at the level of politics and the economy but also on changing social relationships. Pluralistic ideas of sociality are developing, new forms of partnership are being established and these demand up-to-date concepts, which the artists in the show, as precise observers of their time, present for discussion.