Between Prater­stern, the Volkert­viertel and Nord­west­bahnhof railway station

As part of the Architecture Days 2024

Fri 07.06.2024, 14:00-18:00
Children playing with a ball in a square

At the Volkertmarkt
© Photograph: Maria Welzig

An exploration of the urban fabric and interiors of the surprisingly diverse Volkert and Allied neighbourhoods in Leopoldstadt. What is the impact of the neighbouring urban development areas at the former Nordbahnhof and Nordwestbahnhof stations? (What) Can we learn from historically evolved neighbourhoods?

Starting with the converted police station at Praterstern, the route leads to Volkertmarkt, where local initiatives report on community building in the neighbourhood. A visit to the Hoerde factory — the starting point for the development of the neighbourhood from 1873 — shows the potential for repurposing former production spaces. In the newly designed Else Feldmann Park, a reading from works by the author it is named after, who was murdered by the Nazis, provides an insight into socio-spatial conditions 100 years ago. With the 1960s church Am Tabor, we explore a spiritual community space.

With: Elisabeth H. Debazi, Germanist; Druckstube; Grätzl Blattl; Kenh Architektur; Claudia Lingenhöl, Az W; Loebell Architekten; Piramidops; Ferenc E. Simon, priest

Moderated by Maria Welzig, Az W and Felix Siegrist, ÖGfA

A cooperation with the Austrian Society for Architecture (ÖGFA)