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Back and Forth Cost Estimates, Breastfeeding and Turnaround Strategies

Positions of our Generation

Thu 05.10.2023 – Mon 20.11.2023 daily 10:00–19:00
Photo in blue tone with a lot of dishes on a table and a desk lamp above it

“Sprechen, essen, Zukunft planen”
© photograph: zkmb

What is on the minds of the emerging generation of Austrian architects? Their burning issue is: How to help shape the building revolution. This question is closely linked to issues of sustainability and of intersectional feminism, leading to a series of follow-up questions: What possibilities does the circular economy provide in the planning of architectural projects? How do young architects get desirable commissions? How can we initiate projects ourselves? What collective working structures can sustain and improve our practice? What shapes does architecture take when we follow our concerns? What does this future architecture look like?

The concerns and demands of a new generation of Austrian architects are rendered audible and visible in this exhibition. They are currently being compiled and examined in a series of interviews by the two co-curators Ella Felber and Silvester Kreil, before being collectively condensed and processed in a series of workshops throughout Austria. In the Az W Gallery, the burning issues covered in this exhibition are presented as a temporary extension to the permanent exhibition ‘Hot Questions — Cold Storage’.

Curators: Ella Felber and Silvester Kreil in collaboration with Solveig Furu Almo, Anna Firak, Gunnar Grandel, Lukas Pankraz Mähr, Natascha Peinsipp, Theresa Reisenhofer and Felix Steinhoff