Presentation, Discussion & Opening

Back and Forth Cost Estimates, Breastfeeding and Turnaround Strategies

Positions of our Generation

Wed 04.10.2023, 18:00-21:00
blue coloured photo with people sitting, standing and eating

Speak, eat, plan the future: a scene from the workshop in Linz.
© photograph: zkmb

The opening provides an insight into the exhibition while engaging with pressing issues in the work of an emerging generation of young architects.

How can we actively shape changes in the building sector? How do we reform the framework so that our scope for action is greater and can go beyond the mere designing of objects? How can we jointly design fairer living spaces and work structures? How can we actually reconcile work as an architect with care work?

Pursuing such questions, young architects want to expand both the contents and the nature of the briefs as well as adding new forms of organisation. The curators and other participants in this collectively developed exhibition will use the opening evening to present their concerns, to start a broad dialogue with the public, and inviting others involved to join them.

Welcome address: Angelika Fitz, director of the Az W

Introduction and dialogue: Ella Felber, Anna Firak, Natascha Peinsipp
and others who have contributed to the exhibition