Panel discussion

Zukunft Stadt Positionen

What Can Urban Planning do?

Mon 11.03.2019, 19:00
white flat terraced warehouses with one field in the foreground

Donaufeld development project, Vienna 2018
© photograph: Mario Weisböck

Urban Planning Has to Continually Adapt to the Burning Issues of Our Time.

Societal change, climate change, digitization, rising land prices — these are some of the aspects that impact directly on planning and on the design of urban developments. At the final event in the lecture series Zukunft Stadt (Future City), a critical debate will be held with guest experts from the field, from the university and from the administration to examine and explore new areas of responsibility in planning.

A cooperation by the Az W with Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien), Faculty of Architecture and Planning

Guests: Katharina Bayer, einszueins architektur; Thomas Madreiter, City of Vienna Planning Director; Christa Reicher, RWTH Aachen; Rudolf Scheuvens, TU Wien

Moderated by Emilia Bruck and René Ziegler, TU Wien