Lecture and Discussion

At the Az W: The culture of building as reflected in society, 1938–1959

Wed 28.11.2018, 19:00
Two book covers next to each other

ZV Membership Directory, 1937, and ZV Magazine "Der Bau", special issue, 1954
© Zentralvereinigung der ArchitektInnen Österreichs, Archive

Focus: The architects' profession and its interest group the Zentralvereinigung der ArchitektInnen Österreichs (ZV)

Voluntary professional representation by the ZV was dissolved under the Nazis, and architects were subsequently obliged to become members of the Nazi Reichskammer der bildenden Künste (RdbK). However membership was selective, with the Nazi regime deciding who was allowed to create architecture. The ZV was re-established following the end of the war and, in the burgeoning postwar democratic system, engaged in a diverse programme for the mediation of the culture of building. In 1957 architects’ interests were represented by the Chamber and in 1959 the ZV became a society whose aim today is to stimulate discussion on architecture and urban development and to give impetus to furthering the development of the architect’s profession.

Following a keynote speech by Ingrid Holzschuh about her new book, published in cooperation with the ZV, ‘BauKultur in Wien 1938-1959. Das Archiv der Zentralvereinigung der ArchitektInnen Österreichs’, a prominent panel discusses issues relating to the culture of building and politics.



Maria Auböck (architect, President of the ZV)

Klaus Jürgen Bauer (architect)

Ingrid Holzschuh (architecture historian and publisher)

Monika Platzer (architecture historian and Head of the Az W Collection)

Moderated by: Franziska Leeb (architecture publicist)