Workshop: My House, Your House, Our House

Educational programme to accompany the exhibition 'Ottokar Uhl'

Sat 09.04.2005, 15:00-23:59

Workshop: My House, Your House, Our House
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The architect Ottokar Uhl took a broad flexible approach to designing his housing projects in order to comply with the occupants’ wishes as far as possible. Participation in the decision-making process was his creed. Together we discuss the key steps in creating a house.

What are the architect’s tasks?
What are the load-bearing building elements?
And what is meant by circulation or services?
To what extent can prospective residents have a say in
the planning process, influencing the design?

In a group project we draw up some of the rules of communal life, and in a practical exercise we use this
experience and test the rules in a model house.

Saturday, 14 May 2005
Saturday, 11 June 2005
at 3pm