Photo Award


Az W Instagram Photo Award

Submission deadline: 30.07.–30.09.2023
Interior with long glass façade and round table with fruit on it and 3 children in the background

Hans Purin: Siedlung Halde, Bludenz, 1965–1967, a living room in Halde 1
© Architekturzentrum Wien, Collection, photograph: Friedrich Achleitner

Everybody is an expert when it comes to housing. At the same time, there is fierce social debate about what "the right" housing is. How do you actually live? In today's much-criticised freestanding house in the countryside, in a famous Viennese municipal complex, or in a traditional apartment building? Or, how would you like to live? Submit your entry to the Az W Photo Award.

In the city, in the countryside, in the suburbs? In your own house, in rented accommodation, or in a community with shared space? How do we live in 2023?
Post your photos from 30.07 to 30.09.2023 with #WieWirWohnen2023 and tag @architekturzentrum_wien

The best ten photographs will be on display at the Az W, and you can win free tickets to the Az W, ‘Hot Questions — Cold Storage’ catalogues, or even a Wohngespräch (talking about homes) in Der Standard.

Would you like to know more on the topic of housing? Visit the show ‘Hot Questions — Cold Storage’ at the Az W. Very special historical Austrian architecture, model housing projects, provide an overview of 100 years of housing. Or seek inspiration from Wojciech Czaja’s Wohngespräch column in Der Standard (in German).