Accompanying Programme

Wien und Ressourcen. Das Rinterzelt

Wed 25.04.2012, 12:30-16:30

Wien und Ressourcen. Das Rinterzelt
© Felicitas Matern

means of transport: Bus

meeting point: Az W Shop 12.15 pmguided bus tour: Elke Krasny, cultural theorist,
Richard Woschitz, structural engineer
Lukas Lang, architect
MA 48

max. 25 people

In the Rinterzelt Viennese garbage continues its life: plastic bottles, old electronic appliances, or paper are sorted and recycled. The revolutionary timber structure of the tent-shaped hall by Julius Natterer, Lukas M. Lang and Emil Jakupec is one of the largest timber roofs in the world. The tour takes place thanks to the support of the MA 48.

Reservations required for workshop participation:: 01-522 31 15 or