“When architects travel…”

3 lectures on architecture and travel

Wed 02.05.2007, 19:00-21:00

Guided Tour: "Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky" March
© The Bernard Rudofsky Estate

In the tradition of the Grand Tour, for the culturally aware architect Bernard Rudofsky (1905 – 1988) travelling was a way to study and learn about elementary human needs.

Today, too, 20 years after Bernard Rudofsky’s travels in India, travelling is still a way for architects to learn while also gaining an indispensable source of inspiration. He began reconnoitring, if not earlier, with his first field trips undertaken as a student. Alongside findings about foreign places, customs and ways of living, the architect’s conduct while travelling also has a practical effect on their work. The cultural shift between the metropolises and peripheral regions, a transfer right across the world, is reflected in the work of the globe-trotting architect.

Introduction: Monika Platzer, curator of ‘Lessons from Bernard Rudofsky’


Hans Puchhammer, architect, professor emeritus
‘Travel as Self-Help in Life’
Eva Maria Froschauer, architecture theorist Berlin/Weimar
‘A Model Journey. Architects Taking the Grand Tour’
Wojciech Czaja, architecture journalist
‘The Wistful Hunt for Beautiful Pictures