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What’s Up? Young architecture from England and Austria

Lectures about the architects’ work and panel discussion

Wed 07.05.2014, 19:00-21:00

What’s Up? Young architecture from England and Austria
© Charles Hosea

What’s up – the “architectural exchange programme” of the Az W – has been most successful so far and is now entering the second round. Following Denmark and Brazil as partner countries this time the focus is on England. Young architects from Austria and London meet each other in the Az W. In discussions and through lectures about their work different approaches to urban and architectural tasks are compared and experiences swapped. A look is also taken at the differences between the two countries with regard to the profession of architect and architectural practice.


Erwin Stättner, franz (Vienna)
Gernot Hertl, Hertl.Architekten (Steyr)
Adam Khan, Adam Khan Architects (London)
David Kohn, David Kohn Architects (London)
Moderator: Karoline Mayer Az W