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wednesdays 48

ST/A/R Volksfest at the Az W

Wed 03.12.2003, 19:00-21:00

wednesdays 29

Presentation of the newspaper



publisher/editor: Heidulf Gerngross, Thomas Redl

ST/A/R is a newspaper to promote the direct cultural discourse – a direct medium, a structure for the actively creative. The focus is on “the energy field around Vienna, Venice, Budapest, Bucharest and Riga”.

ST/A/R events:
* Hewiach Gerhard Moswitzer -> videos ‘Cyber City’ etc.
* Manfred W. Plotegg -> ironing happening
* Andrea Bachofen Real -> performance
* Thomas Redl -> performance Sekundensonnenwende
* Mathias Hentz -> classical giutar
* PPAG; Richard Hoeck; Lukas & Lucas
* Christine Bärnthaler & Manuela Hötzl; Marcel Houf -> Alcoholix Band
* Julius Deutschbauer & Gerhard Spring -> 1000 Services, TQW, with a special service for Dietmar Steiner
* Charles Kaltenbacher -> performance
* The Baxant Family; monochrom; Harry Mayer and others

Rhetoric & Mnemonics: Heidulf Gerngross, Thomas Redl
Food & Drinks; Music: Preset DJ
Light: Robert Hirner, Alustretch / installation
Installation: PPAG
Permanent video-wall: it-management; datoDenkwerkzeuge® Wulz & Messen