Panel Discussion

wednesdays 47

virtual jungle 1

Wed 19.11.2003, 19:00-21:00

wednesdays 47

Andrea Palladio’s ideal image of the architect as Uomo Universalis finds itself on even more unreal terrain today: Digital media are exercising a decisive influence on architecture and design while also offering architects new fields of activity.

Virtual networks comprised of information and data span everyone’s lives like an invisible mesh. Mittwochs 47 casts light into the undergrowth of the media rainforest: a general analysis of the broad spectrum of ‘information architecture’ provides orientation in the confusion of terminology and data on the basis of clear examples. Three-dimensional experiential spaces are being presented, comprised of database structures, links between real and virtual worlds as well as new technology in terms of their practical application in the field of architecture.

The panel

Michael Lisner, Virtual DynamiX, Vienna
Irmgard Frank, Institut für Raumgestaltung, Graz University of Technology
Claudia Kogler, uma information technology AG, Vienna
Rüdiger Lainer, architect, Vienna
Michael Shamiyeh, Baukultur, Director of DOM, Linz
Moderated by: Oliver Schürer

The sundays tour 135 on 23.11.03 is to round off the subject on an interactive basis. The virtual painting of real architectural models and navigation in the transportable cave can be tried out here.