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Panel Discussion

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vodka pur III. Graz - Vienna - A Question of Viewpoint

Wed 07.05.2003, 19:00-21:00

As part of the opening of the exhibition ‘Fresh Fish from the Architect Pool – Graz 03’

The Panel

Heidi Pretterhofer, Pretterhofer & Spath, Vienna
Margarethe Mueller, transbanana, Graz, Vienna and in-between
Gernot Ritter, architect, n-o-m-a-d, Graz/London/Barcelona
Mark Jenewein, L.O.V.E architecture and urbanism, Graz
Moderated by: Burkhard Schelischansky

GRAZ 2003 – Young Graz Architecture Initiatives, guest appearance at the Az W: As the European cultural capital, Graz is at the centre of the artistic and cultural life of Europe for a year. Spectacular architecture projects like the new Kunsthaus arts centre or the island on the Mur River are omnipresent. But architecture is also happening well beyond the media hype. Reason enough for the Architekturzentrum Wien to focus on Graz with the Young Graz Architecture Initiatives.

There is more architecture in sleepy Graz than in bustling Manchester. (Peter Cook, 1983)

In an era of globalisation and networking, does the paradigm of placelessness apply to the production of architecture or does the geographical location still effect people’s attitudes?

Would any internationally renowned architect repeat the above statement today, in the year 2003? The golden age of the Graz School is clearly over. But what is the significance for architecture in Graz when Peter Cook’s Kunsthaus is now attracting attention again on an international level? Are we witnessing the late fruits of the dynamism of days gone, the delayed appearance of the Bilbao syndrome, or a kind of sign of life from Graz as a place of architectural interest.

It is conspicuous that in recent years many young Graz architects are increasingly often moving to Vienna. Vienna’s appeal is that of a capital city with a larger market, and furthermore it’s a place with an extremely dynamic young architecture scene. A place where this dynamism is clearly offering a good economic basis for the current generation of studios. In contrast to this the reduced demand in Graz calls for a deeper reflection on what people are themselves doing. This situation is creating space for momentary development without the pressure of having to function.

Sponsored by:
Jöbstl Arttrans
Kulturamt Graz
Land Steiermark FA 20a
Kammer der Architekten und Ingenieurkonsulenten für Steiermark und Kärnten