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Panel Discussion

wednesdays 38

The small Salzburg concert hall - Presentation of the designs, chronology of events, discussion

Wed 29.01.2003, 19:00-21:00

wednesdays 29

‘No, it wasn’t a premiere (…) It was more of a play in several dazzling acts, slapstick theatre in the old tradition, which one mustn’t believe has disappeared. (…) The paying guests were the architects once again, who had dived naively into the proceedings and ended up paying a great deal of money to have the ridiculousness of it all and their own impotence revealed to them. Most of the astonished audience remained silent, there was no applause at all, but who cares?‘ Der Standard, ’Album’, 7.12.2002

From January 29th 2003 to February 9th 2003, in cooperation with the Initiative Architektur in Salzburg, the Architekturzentrum Wien is showing a compilation of the designs and a chronology of the events.

mittwochs 38 invites the participating architectural teams and architectural experts to a discussion.

The Panel

Eraldo Consolascio, Architect (Zürich)
Robert Wimmer, Architect (Salzburg)
Jörg Friedrich, Architect (Hamburg)
Otto Kapfinger, Architektural critic (Vienna)
Ute Woltron, Journalist (Vienna)
Norbert Mayr, Architektural Journalist, Initiative Architektur Salzburg
Moderated by: Dietmar Steiner, Az W Director