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Product Housing - Presentation: ’dérive. Zeitschrift für Stadtforschung’ (journal for urban research), issue 10

Wed 15.01.2003, 19:00-21:00

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The housing market has changed radically over the last 20 years. The immediate demand is covered, now the issue is to improve the quality of people’s homes. Housing is seen as the sum of individual requirements that have been satisfied, the supply is geared towards different target groups and lifestyles.
The term ’theme homes’ sums up a marketing strategy not just for providing empty accommodation but a package that includes the software: the entire living environment is planned and the service facilities are included.
What does this mean for urban space? The urban context appears to be becoming obsolete, the project-orientated logic behind the planning is dividing towns and cities into a sea of islands…

Michael Zinganel, architecture theorist
Rudolf Kohoutek, urban researcher
Christa Kamleithner, dérive
Robert Korab, Sargfabrik
Silvia Renezeder, SEG
Erich Benischek, Blaue Lagune