wednesdays 29

Impressions, Reflections and Discussions on Teheran

Wed 08.05.2002, 19:00-21:00

wednesdays 29

A group of Austrian and Iranian architects and town planners met in Teheran in February 2002. This event was organised by X-CHANGE in collaboration with the ICDAC as their local partners, and was the first major cooperation between an Iranian institution and the West since the Islamic revolution in 1979.

Over the course of the seminar standpoints were presented and exchanged on issues relating to architecture, urban development and functional zoning in both countries. As part of the wednesdays 29 discussion a short video is to provide an insight into the current situation in Iran, following which some of the participants are to hold a panel discussion in which they will share their own impressions and experiences.

Greeting: Johann Marte, President of the Austrian UNESCO Commission

Brief report and video on the Workshop + seminar / Teheran: X-CHANGE

The Panel

Hermann Czech, Architect
PAUHOF, Architects
Carl Pruscha, Architect
Franz Loranzi
Helmut Schramm
Walter Stelzhammer, Architect
Moderation: Ute Woltron, Der Standard

Isabella Marte
T ++43 1 522 31 15 DW 13