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wednesdays 28

The "Städte Wien" Project

Wed 17.04.2002, 18:00-00:00

Presentation. Discussion. Workshop

Moderation: Jens Dangschatt

Since January 2001 eight Viennese architects (teams) have been working on urban development concepts for the Muthgasse and Arsenal zones commissioned by the Vienna planning authorities. Following a process of discussion with the municipal authorities that has taken almost three years, the Städte Wien project has come to incorporate alternative approaches geared towards the generation of new discursive potential. The application and realisation of these approaches is to ensue in collaboration with the city authorities, the owners of the sites concerned and the investors. At the wednesdays 28 presentation the teams of architects involved are to be presenting an interim report on the planning process which is then to be opened to discussion by a panel of experts.

The Architects

Muthgasse zone:
Haydn & Wallraff
Hubmann & Vass
Pichler & Traupmann
Rainer Pirker

Arsenal zone:
Leopold Dungl
propeller z


Introduction and Moderation:
Jens Dangschatt, Vienna University of Technology

General Presentation of the Project Development
Muthgasse group
Arsenal group

Rudolf Kohoutek, Urbane Initiativen Wien
Philipp Oswalt, Architekt, Berlin
Rudolf Schicker, Stadtentwicklung Wien
Norbert Steiner, ÖBB

Panel Discussion

Stadtentwicklung Wien
Municipia: Stadt-/Regionalplanungslinks