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Whatever Happened To...

Wed 20.03.2002, 19:00-21:00

With: Christian Jabornegg, Andras Palffy, Klaudius Foltin
Moderated by: Tanja Paar, Der Standard

Whatever Happened To…
“Artspace Karlsplatz”

Karlsplatz, one of numerous squares in Vienna dissected by traffic arteries, presents a particular problem to the Vienna planning authorities. Attempts at restructuring the entire square, to create open spaces and to install an effective traffic concept have all failed to date.
In 1999 the architects Jabornegg & Palffy won the Kunstplatz Karlsplatz (Artspace Karlsplatz) competition, which was for the extension of the K¸nstlerhaus and the redesign of the square. At the time there was a great deal of fairly euphoric talk about “Artspace Karlsplatz” but now very little if anything is heard of the project. Even if there is currently a great deal of construction work in progress to be seen on Karlsplatz it has hardly anything to do with the results of the competition.

Christian Jabornegg, Andras Palffy, Architects
Klaudius Foltin, MA 19, Urban Design

Moderated by:
Tanja Paar, Der Standard