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The Vienna High-Rise Concept

Wed 06.03.2002, 19:00-21:00

With: Klaus Vatter, Silja Tillner, Ralf Bock, Thomas Jakoubek
Moderated by: Dietmar Steiner

The Vienna High-Rise Concept
The catalogue of criteria for suitable sites

– The high-rise as a landmark providing a point of reference and orientation in urban space
– The high-rise as a synonym for changes in a familiar urban skyline
– The high-rise as a built male fantasy?
– A vertical public in a high-rise?
– Living in a high-rise?
– Should Vienna become a city of high-rises?

The above were the ‘Themes Of The Week’ in an internet discussion on the Vienna High-Rise Concept (Hochhauskonzept Wien – more information in German here). The basic premises behind the concept and the aims of the Vienna High-Rise Concept are open to discussion.

Klaus Vatter, Stadtentwicklung Wien
Silja Tillner, architect
Ralf Bock, project manager of the Vienna Twin Towers
Thomas Jakoubek, WED AG

Moderated by:
Dietmar Steiner