wednesdays 22

The Future of the Vienna Prater

Wed 30.05.2001, 19:00-21:00

wednesdays 22

lectures by: Alfred Kern, Günter Sallaberger, Rudolf Schicker

For many years now, the Vienna Prater has been a sore spot in urban planning. The urgent modernization of the old ‘Wurstlprater’ amusement park, the improvement of infrastructure in recreational zones, the total reconfiguration of the run-down trade fair premises as well as space utilization concepts for several gap sites in the vicinity are all issues that still await convincing solutions.

When the rebuilding of the trade fair premises (purported total investment: 2.3 billion Schillings, almost 170 million Euros) was contracted to an engineering and construction company and architect Gustav Peichl was only afterwards commissioned with the project design, this caused a public outcry. wednesdays 22 presents the current state of planning.

Alfred Kern, Prater Business Association
Günter Sallaberger, Vienna Trade Fair Inc.
Rudolf Schicker, Vienna City Councillor for Urban Planning

In May, wednesdays will still be held in their provisional quarters at the
Museumsplatz 1
A – 1070 Vienna

As of June 2001, the wednesdays will move back into our own event hall.
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