wednesdays 17

Youth, Integration and Public Space

Wed 07.03.2001, 19:00-21:00

wednesdays 17
© Andrew Phelps (inner-city / outer-space)

With: Jutta Kleedorfer, Ernst Mateowics, Bülent Öztoplu, Ursula Reeger, Maria Vassilakou, Claudia Kappacher

Integration is not only a theme in the pending Vienna local election campaign. The way young people use public space, the loss of which is generally lamented, and the conflicts that this induces with other users are to be discussed: How should public space be designed to meet apparently disparate requirements?


Jutta Kleedorfer, responsible for public-spaces, multiple use, City of Vienna
Ernst Mateowics, Architect (Project Yppenplatz, Vienna 16)
Bülent Öztoplu, ECHO
Ursula Reeger, Institute for City and Regional Planning, Vienna
Maria Vassilakou, Integration speaker, Green Party Viennan
Claudia Kappacher, inter>face

Thomas Rottenberg, Journalist, Der Standard