wednesdays 11

Architecture Net 1

Wed 28.06.2000, 19:00-21:00

wednesdays 11

Guests: Hanns Kastner, Christian Kühn, Reinhard Lins, Jürg Meister, Wolfgang Reinisch, Kurt Zweifel

Architecture mediation is still carried out primarily by means of traditional media. And it will continue to do so. In addition to these, continuously new forums are being created, which make use of internet and its advantages of speed, range as well as the possibilities for interaction. On the occasion of the re-launch of the Architekturzentrum Wien’s Website, five initiatives will be represented, which in the course of the last five years were created in Austria and offer services as well as data banks, discussion forums open to the entire net and other information on architecture. In addition, the question of how architects themselves deal with this new media in their daily life will be opened for discussion.


Jürg Meister
nextroom _ architecture in the Net

Christian Kühn
Austrian Architecture Foundation

Reinhard Lins
labor 8 – initiative architektur + kontext

Wolfgang Reinisch
xarch _ experimental architecture server graz

Kurt Zweifel
Architekturzentrum Wien

Hanns Kastner
Architecture Office Schluder-Kastner