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Wagner Church at Steinhof - the Renovation

Wed 05.04.2000, 19:00-21:00

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© Margherita Spiluttini

Guests: Otto Antonia Graf, Eva-Maria Höhle, Monika Keplinger, Peter Mikolasch

The financial prerequisites for the salvation of the Otto Wagner Church of the St. Leopold have now been granted. The condition can be assessed on Tour 54 on March 26, 2000. But what procedures should be undertaken in the renovation of one of the most important buildings of the 20th century? Renovation, restoration and adaptation are up for discussion in the context of the Wagner Church at Steinhof and a Plecnik-Villa in Vienna.

Otto Antonia Graf, Art Historian
Eva-Maria Höhle, Provincial Conservationist for Vienna
Monika Keplinger, Old Town Preservation Funds
Peter Mikolasch, Architect
August Sarnitz, Architect

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