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Vorarlberg – a Phenomen?

as part of the exhibition „Vorarlberg – An intergenerational Dialogue“

Wed 04.12.2019, 19:00-22:00
Multi-storey house with saddle roof on a meadow with trees

House in the Bregenzer Wald, Vorarlberg, AT
© Architekturzentrum Wien

In 2000, the lifestyle magazine Wallpaper described Vorarlberg as "the most progressive part of the planet when it comes to new architecture. …The hills are alive with outstanding architecture".

Almost 20 years later we would like to discuss the impact this hype had: Is the built cultural heritage still an inspiration or has it even become a burden? How has the cultural and socio-political environment changed and which of the principles adhered to then seem outdated, and which are more topical than ever? What are the new challenges confronting today’s generation?


Detail of a traditional wooden shingle house, Bregenzer Wald, Vorarlberg, AT
© Architekturzentrum Wien

We welcome onto the stage a series of experts on the building sector and culture in the westernmost province of Austria, as well as a writer who grew up in a house by Rudolf Wäger and will tell us about her own very personal relationship with the art of building in Vorarlberg.


Welcome address:
Angelika Fitz, Director of the Az W
Verena Konrad, Director of vai

Marina Hämmerle, expert on the culture of building
Ingrid Holzschuh, architecture historian
Otto Kapfinger, architecture historian
Doris Knecht, writer and columnist
Sonja Pisarik and Katrin Stingl, curators, Az W

Moderated by
Franziska Leeb