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Lectures, discussion & prize-giving ceremony

What Ivory Tower?

The thematic focus in teaching from the perspective of an international discourse

Wed 15.12.2021, 19:00-21:00
Ein brauner Vorhang auf einer gebogenen Vorhangschiene

Archdiploma 2021

The biennial Archdiploma at the Vienna University of Technology is being hosted by the Az W, and an international jury is selecting, discussing and awarding the prizes for the best projects. What is the relationship between the work done at universities and current international discourses?

This year’s “ARCHDIPLOMA. A Repository of Ideas with selected diploma projects” presents about 90 diploma projects from the last two years at the Faculty for Architecture and Planning at Vienna University of Technology. Thematic focal points that are currently being engaged with at the faculty are condensed into a polyphonic mosaic of projects. These will be taken up and discussed by the jury (Verena von Beckerath, Anne Femmer, Angelika Fitz, Jan Liesegang, Pier Paolo Tamburelli and Paola Viganò) in short lectures and a subsequent round of discussion. The evening ends on a festive note with the prize-giving ceremony.

Click here for the Live-stream