Holidays Among Locals

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Fri 12.04.2024, 13:30-16:30
mehrstöckiges Haus mit heller Fassade und rechts oben eine Erhöhunh mit einem großen Kreuz

BWM Designers & Architects: Transformation des ehemaligen Stepanushauses aus den 1960er-Jahren zu magdas HOTEL, 2022 ©
© BWM Designers & Architects, Foto: Walter Luttenberger

The magdas HOTEL and the grätzlhotel are reconnecting tourist accommodation with old-style hospitality. Two approaches that benefit tourists, local residents and the city alike.

Both concepts utilise vacant buildings, adapt them and bring new life to urban districts. With an integrated restaurant at the Ungargasse location, the magdas HOTEL has entirely transformed the former Stephanushaus 1960s ecclesiastical building. As a non-profit social business, it offers training and jobs to people from refugee backgrounds. The grätzlhotels reactivate vacant ground-floor premises in neighbourhoods far from the tourist paths. So the “Viennese for while” get to know the everyday side of the city. What magdas HOTEL and grätzlhotel also share are their designers: BWM Designers & Architects, who also run the grätzlhotels.

With: Daniel Büchel, designer; Clemens Foschi, Caritas Wien; Theresia Kohlmayr, Urbanauts; Margit Lindner, magdas HOTEL; Johann Moser, BWM Designers & Architects

Moderated by Maria Welzig, Az W