Tuesday Architecure 04


Tue 13.07.1999, 19:00-21:00

Tuesday Architecure 04
© Martin Gerlach, Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv

Panel discussion with: Wolfgang Kos, Friedrich Achleitner, Boris Podrecca, Günther Lausch, Walter Chramosta,

Tuesday Architecure 04
Theme: Identity

The Stadtbauamt was an institution behind which individual architects would generally disappear, the individual’s design would submit to the common whole, to a formal consensus, which has greatly determined Vienna’s characteristic profile and tectonic identity.

Questions and theories: Wolfgang Kos
Experts: Friedrich Achleitner, Boris Podrecca, Günther Lausch, Walter Chramosta

This years main theme:
(A)way with Modernism ?

With four large retrospectives – Rudolf Schwarz, Hans Steineder, Erich Leischner, and Oswald Haerdtl – Architekturzentrum Wien is, for the first time, highlighting overlappings, continuities, and fractures within Austrian architectural history of the 20th century.
The personal exhibitions will be accompanied by a series of events on scientific reflection – the Tuesday Architecture