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Panel Discussion

The Viennese ‘wohnen im grünen’ Manifesto

Open spaces and parks in the city

Wed 04.06.2008, 19:00-21:00

The Viennese 'wohnen im grünen' Manifesto
© Gisa Ruland

Presentation and panel discussion

The planning of quality outdoor space is a prerequisite for a sustainable high standard of living in multi-storey housing developments. How can this best be taken into consideration and achieved within the framework of the planning process?

The ‘wohnen im grünen’ research group invited experts from various institutions, from the municipal authorities as well as architects and landscape architects to work on approaches for the optimisation of the individual planning stages. The results of this process have now been published in manifesto form as the wiener manifest wohnen im grünen, which is to be presented in the course of the event and discussed with the responsible councillors.

Welcome Speech

Dietmar Steiner, Director of the Az W
Lilli Licka, Universität für Bodenkultur, ‘wohnen im grünen’ research group

Introductory talk

Christiane Thalgott, Munich

Presentation of ‘wiener manifest wohnen im grünen’

Gisa Ruland, landscape architect

Panel discussion to follow, with

Maria Auböck, landscape architect, ‘wohnen im grünen’ research group
Michael Ludwig, Executive Councillor for Housing, Housing Development and Urban Renewal
Rudolf Schicker, Executive Councillor for Urban Development and Traffic
Christian Seethaler, architect, ‘wohnen im grünen’ research group
Christiane Thalgott, Munich
Klaus Wolfinger, vice-president of the Österreichischer Verband der Immobilientreuhänder
Moderated by: Ute Woltron, architecture correspondent

admission free