Panel Discussion

The Power of Display

a cooperation with schnittpunkt. Ausstellungstheorie & praxis

Wed 03.09.2008, Daily 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM, Wednesdays until 09:00 PM

The Power of Display
© Pez Hejduk

A dialogue with:

Angelika Fitz (curator)
Heidi Pretterhofer / arquitectos (exhibition architecture)
Michael Rieper / MVD Austria (exhibition graphics)
moderated by Kerstin Krenn for schnittpunkt
(In German)

In the run-up to Capital of Culture year 2009 the capital of Upper Austria is the focus of the exhibition ‘LINZ TEXAS. A City Relates’. This prototypical middle-sized town occupies a position in the middle between industry and culture, between economic hotspot and natural setting, and has shown a remarkable talent for reinventing itself in the recent past. Who can Linz learn from and what can others learn from Linz? What does Linz have in common with Haifa, Wolfsburg or Galati?

The exhibition approaches the city with playful comparisons and associations: ‘LINZ TEXAS’ combines individual facets or attributes of the town with apparently absurd aspects of other towns and cities from around the world.

schnittpunkt is dedicating a discussion in the exhibition to the following questions:
How can a city be exhibited? How can a content-based concept be applied to the space? Which objects were selected and why? How can a wide-range of media be incorporated in the display? How significant is the text? How has the concept as a touring exhibition effected the choice of design elements?