The Empty Space 94 – The Public Space 95

Sat 17.08.1996 – Sat 21.09.1996

The Empty Space – The public Space: from dealing with the periphery and the landscape of Vienna in 1994 to the confrontation with the space in the center, the space inbetween the objects in 1995. 1994, 1995, 1996 – every summer a Seminar, since 1990 !!
On the 17th of Augustthe exhibition on the two previous seminars opened and a catalogue – which is already the third publication of the Seminar – was presented. 11 project groups with about 150 students working with the architects
-Mariano Bayon
-Ben van Berkel
-Pepe Llinas Carmona
-Luc Deleu
-Adriaan Geuze
-Mark Mack
-Michelangelo Pistoletto
-Ippollito Pizzetti
-Fabio Reinhart
-Dagmar Richter
-Martha Schwartz
developed projects and ideas to the above mentioned topics for the city of Vienna and proof with this catalogue their intense work in the years 1994 and 1995. It is a document of contemporary or even future architecture of a growing generation of young architects.

The book contains proposals and ideas to the specified sites as well as contributions of the architects – short biographies, work presentation to philosophical and didactical statements. It is a book which can be read as a guide through different cultures.
One main event of the 6th Viennese Seminar was the symposion “The Public Space” in September 1995, of which the lectures make up a part of the catalogue.