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Award ceremony & Opening

The Best House. Architecture Prize 2018

A presentation of the finalists’ and the prize-winning projects

Wed 07.03.2018, 19 Uhr

Das Blatthaus
© Photograph: Lukas Schaller

A presentation of the finalists’ and the prize-winning projects is in the Podium from 19:00.

The best single- and two-family homes in Austria are being sought for what is already the seventh time. Careful treatment of the existing substance continues to gain in importance.

The s Bausparkasse is awarding the prize for ‘The Best House’, in collaboration with the Federal Chancellery of Austria and the Architekturzentrum Wien. The jury, comprising representatives from the various regional architecture institutions in Austria, awards a prize for The Best House from the many submissions in each federal province. Once more a trend can be discerned among this year’s finalists, too, for redeveloping existing contexts, i.e. the extension and conversion of existing buildings. The tendency to employ natural and raw building materials remains unbroken. The nine winning projects are to receive their awards at the prize-giving ceremony at the Az W, and are presented alongside other submissions worthy of public attention in the accompanying exhibition.