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The adventure of the city – the city as a stage

In the framework of summer with the Kinderfreunde, holiday programme 2013 (from the age of 6)

Mon 29.07.2013 – Fri 02.08.2013

The adventure of the city – the city as a stage
© Az W

Mon, 29.07. to Fri, 02.08.2013
daily 8am-5pm

Together we undertake a voyage of discovery through Vienna, exploring buildings, squares, transport routes and (construction) materials. Then these observations are recorded in the Az W by means of drawings, plans, perspectives and models. To deepen the study of space in a playful way a stage set will be designed and a piece about the theme of the city presented – symbolic depictions of furniture, walls or paths, the handling of light, the perspectives etc. will be linked to each other in an optimal way so as, at the end, to ensure a delighted public. In-between we will take an opportunity to relax in some of the city’s green spaces.

Registration required:

T +43 1 401 25 60 or