Impulses & discussion

Share your City!

To accompany the 'Toourism' exhibition

Wed 22.05.2024, 18:00-20:00

„Tourists go home“ Graffiti in Genua
© Photograph: Barbara Katzelmayer

Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Vienna: hopping to a different city for the weekend has become part of a lifestyle. In addition to city breaks as an economic factor and contributing to international flair, conflicts in many cities are becoming increasingly apparent.

Almost every city is now comfortably within reach, and away trips have become easy to plan and affordable thanks to online portals for short-term rental accommodation, among other tools. This attracts travellers in large numbers and can, over time, unbalance local urban infrastructure. Who benefits from and who is harmed by tourism in the city, and what are the foreseeable consequences of too much tourism? How can the masses be channelled, how can housing and local amenities be safeguarded? What are the measures that cities affected by excessive tourism are implementing, and how can a city take preventative action? A panel of international experts discusses the possibilities and limits of city tourism.

Cornelia Dlabaja, WKW Endowed Professor for Sustainable Urban Tourism, FH Campus Wien
Ana Gago, Architect, Geographer and Activist, Lisbon
Wolfgang Hassler, Economy, Work and Statistics (MA 23), City of Vienna
Nobert Kettner, CEO WienTourismus
Kurt Luger, UNESCO Chair for Cultural Heritage & Tourism, Salzburg University

Moderated by Karoline Mayer, Curator of ‘Toourism’, Az W