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sundays 93

Donaukanal (Danube Canal) (2)

Sun 09.12.2001, 14:00-23:59

sundays 93
© Bruno Klomfar

2nd district, Taborstrasse 1-3
Architect: Hans Hollein

media-tower: News for those not scared of heights

A new silhouette is appearing on the northern bank of the Danube Canal. A first highlight is now up and running with the 17-storey Media Tower.
Hollein has consciously reacted to the adjacent block structure of Leopoldstadt with various heights and a differentiated composition of the volumes. An exciting insight into the complex interior of the tower is promised by Hans Hollein himself, who is giving the tour.

Meeting Point:
02:00 P.M.
media-tower, main entrance
Taborstrasse 1-3
A-1020 Vienna

Tour Guide:
Hans Hollein

Tickets: EUR 8.00 (ATS 110.08)