sundays 92

new spirits in architecture

Sun 02.12.2001, 13:45-18:00

sundays 92
© Werner Feiersinger

*Cooperation Partner of the Lomographic Society International

From what was originally a chance collaboration with the Lomographic network has, over the last few years, become SubStructureStudio. The concept is essentially based on the interplay of independent structures within an overall structure.
This affiliation sees itself as an experimental project in the field of architecture the aim of which is the autonomous selection and development of projects. SubStructureStudio works with a circle of designers, graphic artists, web designers, fashion designers and typographers. This makes it possible to integrate the architecture in the conception of the brief for a project in terms of content.

The arenas of Lomographic architecture
The LomographyShop in the MuseumsQuartier (with Karl Pircher)
The LomoFactory, 15th District, Hollergasse 41

A presentation of the teams and the projects:
Neubaugasse loft conversion, exhibition contribution ‘gefesselt-entfesselt’ (‘bound-unbound’; Kunsthalle Wien), Warsaw 2001/Lomography exhibition in the Spiral Building, Tokyo/Lomography exhibition at the Totem Gallery/New York 2001

Mondscheingasse loft conversion (with Carmen Wiederin)

Meeting Point: 01:45 P.M. at MuseumsQartier, main entrance
Museumsplatz 1
A-1070 Vienna
End: Approx. 06:00 P.M., Mondscheingasse

ArchitektInnen: Sally Bibawy, Monica Singer, Ursula Zöhrer, Andrew Upson. Carmen Wiederin

Christian Muhr

Tickets: EUR 12.00 (ATS 165.12) / EUR (ATS 110.08)

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