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sundays 82

Introverted Developement

Sun 27.05.2001, 13:45-18:00

sundays 82
© Rupert Steiner

Housing development
7th district, Wimbergergasse 14 – 16
Architects: Delugan_Meissl (this link leads to a site in german)
Artists: Zogmayer / Kuppelwieser

5th district, Schloßgasse 13
Architect: Walter Stelzhammer (this link leads to a site in german)
Artists: Oswald Stimm, Ahmet Oran, Gert Mosettig

Two different briefs solved at the highest architectural level. An apartment and an office building, using the qualities of the inner city site in an exemplary fashion, but with street side facade glazing and a garden setting built into the courtyard that compensates for existing deficits. The extension and conversion of a listed ensemble to a representative company office with apartment, studio and artbox.

Snacks and refreshments are being served by the client Wilfried Kallinger for an ensuing discussion with architects and artists.

Meeting Point: 01:45 P.M. at the main entrance of the MuseumsQuarter Vienna,
Museumsplatz 1, A-1070 Vienna
Departure: 02:00 P.M., End: 06:00 P.M. al the Schlossgasse

With the architects:
Delugan_Meissl, Walter Stelzhammer and the artists

Tour Guide:
Michael Diem

Tickets: EUR 10.95 (ATS 150.-) / EUR 7.30 (ATS 100.-)