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sundays 73

omnibus dei (4)

Sun 17.12.2000, 13:45-23:59

sundays 73
© Atelier Tesar

The thought behind the master plan is presented on the slab at two poles in the Donaucity. At the entrance to the leisure paradise, Tesar’s sacred building as a solid cross-shaped block of stone cut into the ground provides a physical and spatial response to the topography and the urban constellation. At the other, western, end of the slab: the St. Florian fire station. The only vertical element to the terrace-styled complex is the practise tower. Readiness, speed of action and regeneration are the constituent basic principles behind the plans.

* 73-01 Church design “Christus Hoffnung der Welt” / Heinz Tesar (in German)

* 73-02 Kaisermühlen Fire station / Adolf Krischanitz in collaboration with Heinz Neumann

Meeting Point: 1:45 P.M., Donaucity Church, Donau-City-Strasse 2, A – 1220 Vienna

Architects: Heinz Tesar, Adolf Krischanitz
Guide: Barbara Achleitner
Tickets: Euro 7.30 (ATS 100.-) / Euro 3.64 (ATS 50.-)