sundays 245: home looks like this 15

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Sun 10.04.2011, 13:45-18:15

sundays 245: home looks like this 15
© Badehaus Rekawinkel, Hertha Hurnaus

The expansion of a student dormitory with a hotel brings new flair into the neighbourhood and offers great views over the Vienna city center.
The firm Velux has a particularly successful display of examples of their products in use at a show house, and a bathhouse shows good form on a small scale.

* 245-01 25hours Hotel Wien, Vienna Neubau: BWM Architekten und Partner, 2011
* 245-02 VELUX Sunlighthouse, Pressbaum, Lower Austria: HEIN-TROY Architekten, 2010
* 245-03 Badehaus, Rekawinkel, NÖ: Veronika Vogelauer, 2009

Tickets include bus transfer and guided tours.

meeting at 1.45pm, Az W Shop / walk to 25hours Hotel Wien /departure at, 25hours Hotel, Lerchenfelderstraße 1 / ends at 6pm, Az W

architects and experts: Markus Kaplan, Christian Burggraf (BWM Architekten und Partner) / Heinz Hackl (VELUX Österreich), Juri Troy (HEIN-TROY Architekten) / Veronika Vogelauer
tour guide: Marion Kuzmany

Photos from the excursion ‘sundays 245: home looks like this 15’, April 10, 2011.