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sundays 213. museum jubilees

Sun 22.03.2009, 14:00-18:00

sundays 213. museum jubilees
© Technisches Museum Wien

100 years of the Technisches Museum, 50 years of the Wien Museum — sonntags grabs this festive opportunity as an occasion to look at the locality and the architecture history of the two buildings. Experts give a guided tour of the current exhibitions.
As part of a lecture at the Technisches Museum, Friedrich Achleitner shows the competition projects of 1909 and gives a guided tour in and around the museum.

* 213–01 Wien Museum (Historical Museum of the City of Vienna), Vienna-Wieden: Oswald Haerdtl, 1959
* 213–02 Technisches Museum Wien, Vienna-Fünfhaus: Hans Schneider, 1909

Experts: Christian Kircher (Wien Museum), Andreas Nierhaus (Wien Museum), Eva-Maria Orosz (Wien Museum), Friedrich Achleitner, Helmut Lackner (TMW)
Coordination: Marion Kuzmany

Tickets include admission, the lecture, guided tours and refreshments

Meeting at 02:00 pm, Wien Museum foyer
Bus departs at 03:00 pm to the Technisches Museum
Ends 06:00 pm, Technisches Museum