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sundays 212: housing innovativ. donaustadt to liesing

Sun 30.11.2008, 12:15-16:30

sundays 212: housing innovativ. donaustadt to liesing
© Manfred Seidl

Attractive new housing by outstanding teams of architects are reinvigorating Vienna’s suburbs. Their long lines, simple forms and straight, repetitive balconies are reminiscent of the positive side of the apartment buildings of the 1960s and complement these with joyful contemporary components and technical innovations.

* 212-01 Erzherzog Carl residential park, Wien Donaustadt: Patricia Zacek, Karl + Bremhorst, 2008
* 212-02 Thürnlhof West thu apartments, Wien Simmering: gerner°gerner plus, 2008
* 212-03 Erlaaer Straße apartment block, Wien Liesing: s&s architekten, 2008

Patricia Zacek, Karl + Bremhorst
gerner°gerner plus
s&s architects
tour guide: Bernhard Stefan

meeting point 12:15 Architekturzentrum Wien Info
departure 12:30 Architekturzentrum Wien entrance
return 16:30 Architekturzentrum Wien entrance