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sundays 205

home looks like this (X)

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Sun 08.06.2008, 13:45-18:00

sundays 205
© Rupert Steiner

sundays 105 presented ‘this is what it looks like’ for the first time. sundays 205 is the 10th excursion dedicated to what has become the most frequently featured topic.
First to t-hoch-n’s most recent work in Hernals. Then on to Währing, where the tour takes in the smallest social housing project in Vienna, comprising 2 newly adapted homes adorned with an attractive top floor. Elegant in white, Haus P in Klosterneuburg integrates immaculately into Walter Stelzhammer’s series of outstanding villas.

205-01 Haus R, Wien Hernals: t-hoch-n ARCHITEKTUR, 2007
205-02 Haus Pauli, Vienna-Währing: Karl Ehn, 1925; extension: Mairausch Arge Architektur, 2006
205-03 Haus P, Klosterneuburg, Lower Austria: Walter Stelzhammer, 2007

capacity: 30 participants

Mairausch Arge Architektur
Walter Stelzhammer
tour guide: Brigitte Marchel

meeting at 1.45pm at the Az W Info. stand
departure at 2pm from the Az W entrance
return at 6pm