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sundays 203

urban interventions

Sun 27.04.2008, 13:45-18:00

sundays 203
© Archiv Hans Gangoly

Three exceptional examples of comprehensive renovation work carried out on historic buildings in Vienna show successful architectural interventions on a variety of scales. Following extensive renovation, the Ring Road palace and former Epstein Bank built by Theophil Hansen (1864) is now enjoying its new — parliamentary — user. The most recent renovation of Palais Pálffy presents a fresh modern face as the new central office of the OSCE (The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), as does the conversion of the administrative building completed ca. 1900 into a new office building for KPMG Austria (part of an international network of auditors and accountants).

203-01 Palais Epstein, Vienna-Inner City / conversion: Georg Töpfer, Alexander van der Donk, 2005
203-02 Palais Pálffy-Erdödy, Vienna-Inner City / renovation and conversion: Ablinger, Vedral &
Partner, 2007
203-03 KPMG office building, Vienna-Alsergrund / renovation and conversion: Hans Gangoly, 2006

Georg Töpfer
Alexander van der Donk
Ablinger, Vedral & Partner
Hans Gangoly
tour guide: Christa Veigl

meeting at 1.45pm at the Az W Info. stand
departure at 2pm from the Az W entrance
return at 6pm