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Sat 23.06.2007 – Wed 27.06.2007

sundays 192
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sundays engages the contrast between the pulsating metropolis of Naples with its historic places, modern interventions and difficult social reality, the picturesque island of Capri with its flourishing tourism and the “shrinking region” of the hinterland where exciting art interventions are intended to counteract the migration of the population.

Saturday: flight Bratislava-Naples

Sunday: Naples: travel by Metro to the new stations and art projects / MADRE Museum: conversion Alvaro Siza, 2006 / Napoli sotteranea / stroll through the old town / Castel Sant´Elmo

Monday: ferry to Capri

Tuesday: bus tour through various layers of the city (Le Vele in Scampia) to Prata Sannita: Million Donkey Hotel: feld72, 2006 / Wednesday: flight Naples-Bratislava

Ticket price includes:
flight, flight transfers
3 nights + breakfast in Naples
1 night + breakfast near Prata Sannita
4 evening meals and 3 lunches (excluding drinks)
ferry to Capri, bus, metro, guided tours

Registration should be made in writing, those registered will be sent a bill and payment slip.
Registration counts as booking and is subject to all the usual conditions for cancellation.
Last date for registration is April 23, 2007
Maximum number of participants is 25

Flights with Sky Europe Airlines:
Sat., June 23: Bratislava-Naples 5:30 pm-7:30 pm, flight # NE402
Wed., June 27: Naples-Bratislava:10:00 am-12:05 pm, flight # NE403

Local architects, experts
Guided tour: Rosita Izzo, Michael Obrist (feld72)

Meeting point: Saturday, June 23, 2:30 pm: shuttle bus leaves from no. 202 Erdbergstraße, U3 station Erdberg
Scheduled return: Wednesday, June 27 c. 2:30 pm, 202 Erdbergstraße