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sundays 172

graz=culture… 2

Sun 23.04.2006, 08:00-21:00

sundays 172
© Hao Lo/fotoK

A new update on the architecture scene in Graz since sundays 121 in what was then a building boom in the fresh culture capital of Europe. Now mixed with older sites of interest and selected examples large and small: special locations, innovative facades and nifty floor plans provide more than a mere fleeting impulse.

* 172-01 Lapidarium Eggenberg: PURPUR.ARCHITEKTUR, 2004
* 172-02 Impulszentrum Graz-West: Hubert Rieß, 2004
* 172-03 Aiola – Café Schlossberg: frank, rieper., 2003
* 172-04 former city mill: Hans Gangoly, 1999
* 172-05 Das tiefe Haus/Deep House: Pentaplan Büro für Architektur und Design, 1999
* 172-06 Biokatalyse/Bio-catalyst TU-Graz: Ernst Giselbrecht, 2004
* 172-07 Haus Schmuck 2: Hans Gangoly, 2005

Alfred Boric (PURPUR)
Hubert Riess
Hans Gangoly
Wolfgang Koeck (Pentaplan)
Ernst Giselbrecht
Tour guide: Dagmar Ley (Haus der Architektur, Graz)

Ticket includes lunch, drinks not included, in the Aiola at Schlossberg. Maximum number of participants: 30

Meeting point 7.45am at the Az W entrance / departure 8am / return: 9pm