sundays 169

the lesser-known loos

Sun 05.03.2006, 13:45-18:45

sundays 169
© Farbskizze Hermann Loos, Privatbesitz, Wien

The Az W has had the estate of Walter Loos in its possession since 2003. The architect, who died in exile in 1974, numbers among the major proponents of Vienna Modernism. The work of Walter and that of his wife, the fashion designer Fridl Loos, is closely allied. Loos even designed his wife’s four boutiques, understanding how to make them accord precisely with the models on show.

Following the guided tour through the exhibition at the Az W, sundays will be visiting examples of the architect’s work in Vienna, the apartment of his brother Hermann (also an architect and furniture designer) still in its original condition and the PARK concept store, which provides a contemporary example of a successful combination of architecture and fashion.

* 169-01 exhibition, Az W: The Unknown Loos: Walter / Paraíso Latinoaméricano
* 169-02 apartment, Vienna-Wieden: Hermann Loos, 1973
* 169-03 house in the Werkbundsiedlung, Vienna-Hietzing: Walter Loos, 1932
* 169-04 Bugner House, Vienna-Hietzing: Walter Loos, 1930 (from outside)
* 169-05 169-05 PARK concept store, Vienna-Neubau: Helmut Ruthner, Markus Strasser, SPACE +, 2004

Meeting at 1.45pm in the Az W Shop / guided tour of the exhibition / departure 3pm / return: 6pm PARK concept store, Vienna-Neubau, end at 6.45pm

Architects, experts: Oswald Stimm / team PARK
Tour guides: Sonja Pisarik (curator) / Iris Meder