sundays 168

at the border

Sat 19.11.2005, 09:15-18:00

sundays 168
© Paul Ott / Weingut Krutzler

Not just language is crossing borders here – vintners, too, are reaching far beyond the local. In rich images, the “house of stories” tells the story of Bildein, life on the border, and the history of Burgenland, which became Austria’s (youngest) state in 1921. The Krutzler vineyard revolves around the symbol of the “Perwolff,” the historic name of Deutsch-Schützen. The “oak barrel show room” at Schützenhof draws the gaze across gently curved barrels into the garden and over the trees. A balanced tannin texture with a delicate fruity dryness.


* Border-Crossing Language Center, Oberschützen: Hans Gangoly, 2003


* Weingut Krutzler, Deutsch-Schützen: Pichler & Traupmann Architekten, 2001


* Schützenhof, Deutsch-Schützen: Pichler & Traupmann Architekten, 2004


* Bildein Wine Archive: Dietmar Gasser, 2002


* House of Stories: Dietmar Gasser, 2001

Ticket price includes a catered lunch at Schützenhof (beverages not included) and wine tasting. Maximum number of participants: 30.

Meeting time + place: Saturday, 9:00 am Az W-Shop / departure: 9:15 am / return: 6:00 pm

Architects, experts: Hans Gangoly / Pichler & Traupmann Architekten / Reinhold Krutzler / Walter Faulhammer (Schützenhof) / Dietmar Gasser
Tour guide: Marion Kuzmany