sundays 167

through the vines

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Fri 04.11.2005 – Sat 05.11.2005

sundays 167
© Angelo Kaunat / Weingut Krispel

A surprise is in stow for the tired taster, daydreaming up and down the rolling wine hills of southern Styria on the pilgrimage from one winery to the next, past Morillon and Sauvignon, variations of pumpkin seed oil, and aspic creations – all of a sudden a wine rack appears in the idyllic landscape!

On to Tement’s spectacular terrace with a view into Slovenia, private dwelling paradises, lots of glass, steel, marble, wood, deliciously spicy white wines, and bacon from Krispel’s “wooly pig.” A multi-layered dance of aromas.

Friday: a delicate peppery finish

* Krispel Winery, Hof bei Straden: Weidemann Architekten, 2002

167-02 Neumeister Winery, Straden: W. Schüttmayr, Andreas Burghardt, Ingenius, 1998-2005

167-03 Ploder-Rosenberg Winery, St. Peter a.O.: W. Schüttmayr, thaler.thaler architekten, 1999-2005

167-04 Tement Winery, Berghausen: Klaus Jaretzky, Christian Leiter, 2001


* Polz Winery, Spielfeld: g2plus (Martina & Norbert Grabensteiner with Bernd Masser), 2001


a supple, structured balance
167-06 Gross Winery, Gamlitz: Werner Schüttmayr, Albertoni, 1994, 2001


* Sabathi Winery, Leutschach: Igor Skacel, 2004


Vin’o Tscheppe, Leutschach: g2plus, 2004

167-09 Lackner-Tinnacher Winery, Gamlitz: Rolf Rauner, 2000


* Regele Winery, Ehrenhausen: g2plus, 2005

Ticket price includes bus fare, 1 night at the Weinlandhof Hotel in Gamlitz (breakfast included), 2x lunch (beverages not included), 1x 12-course “panoptikum” with wines. After registration in writing you will receive a bill and a payment coupon. Registration counts as booking and is subject to general cancellation policy (see below). Deadline for ickets or registration: 10/03/05. Maximum number of participants: 30.

Meeting time + place: Friday, 8:15 am Az W driveway / departure: 8:30 am / return: Saturday, 6:30 pm
Tickets per person, double occupancy: EUR 184.00 / single room: EUR 196.00
Architects + vintners
Guided tour: Martina Grabensteiner (g2plus, Co-curator of the “WineArchitecture” exhibition at Az W)

General cancellation policy:
Costs for cancellation 30 days before departure: 10%; 20-29 days before departure: 25 %: 10-19 days before departure: 50%; 4-9 days before departure: 65%; from 3 days before departure: 85%; from 1 day before departure: 100%