sundays 166

the fun with learning

Sun 23.10.2005, 13:45-18:15

sundays 166
© Manfred Seidl / BG-BRG Wiedner Gürtel

Today’s approach is to favour groundbreaking modern schools instead of antiquated teacher-centred classrooms. The excursion tours user-friendly school-environments.

Modern school buildings are leading the way out of an antiquated frontal teaching style, as the BIG Az W-Symposium “Construction site school – or – What will learning be like tomorrow?” on 10/19/05 will demonstrate. sundays, too, will show the way to friendly school environments.

166-01 Highschool AHS Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel: Domenig-Eisenköck-Peyker, 2004
166-02 Highschool BG/BRG Rosasgasse, Wien Meidling: ARGE Peter H. Ortner & Erwin Stolz, 2004
166-03 Highschool BG/BRG Sir Karl Popper, Wien Wieden: Szyszkowitz + Kowalski, 2004

Meeting time + place: Sunday, 1:45 pm Az W-Shop / departure: 2:00 pm / return: 6:30 pm

Architects: Martin Wakonig (Architektur Consult), Peter H. Ortner, Szyszkowitz + Kowalski
Guided tour: Anneke Essl